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PhD Students

  • Seshadri_PictureSeshadri Naik Moode. Platooning of Connected Autonomous Vehicles: Microscopic Modelling and Management strategies. Ph.D. Program in Civil Engineering. BarcelonaTech. Expected end date: 2025. Bio: Seshadri Naik is a MTech graduate in Civil Engineering by the National Institute of Technology Warangal, India, with a master thesis entitled “Passenger Car Units for Urban Roads under Mixed Traffic Conditions”. After a brief participation in teaching and research projects in India, Seshadri focused his research interest in traffic modelling with the presence of autonomous vehicles. He joined BIT-Barcelona Innovative Transportation in January 2022 as a PhD candidate with a scholarship grant by the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants of Catalonia.
  • Enrique Jiménez Meroño. Design, policies and effects on mobility of vehicle-sharing systemsPh.D. Program in Civil Engineering. BarcelonaTech. Expected end date: 2023. Bio: Enrique is a MEng graduate in Civil Engineering by UPC-BarcelonaTech, with a master thesis entitled “Rebalancing strategies for bike-sharing systems: the case of Bicing in Barcelona”. After a brief participation in some research and engineering projects as a technical advisor, in 2018 he obtained a PhD scholarship grant by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. His research is focused on vehicle-sharing systems. Until now, he has developed two different design optimization models for bikesharing and carsharing systems, and a repositioning optimization model for bikesharing systems. In addition, he has mentored several master students on urban mobility topics.
  • Gabriel_Photo2Gabriel Carvalho Rezende. An analytical approach to the optimal city layout. Ph.D. Program in Civil Engineering. BarcelonaTech. Expected end date: 2026.
    Bio: Gabriel is passionate about cities and how their geometric nuances, transportation networks, and planning designs ensure happiness and let interrelationships thrive. Gabriel completed his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering extending a post-graduate course in Project Management for Urban Solutions. He also completed a master’s degree in Transport Infrastructure Planning, both from the Federal University of Uberlândia (Brasil). Currently, Gabriel is in his Ph.D. journey in a project related to City Planning and Urban Mobility framework to ensure an ideal, equal, accessible, and climate-friendly city for citizens. Over his academic journey, he has held the position of Urban Engineer and Civil Engineer in several projects involving consultancy and urban solutions in Brazil. Currently, he is also involved in Iberian projects in Portugal and Spain
  • Personal PhotoAhmed Dawood. TBD. Ph.D. Program in Civil Engineering. BarcelonaTech. Expected end date: 2026. Bio: Ahmed Dawood is a Warsaw University of Technology graduate in Transport Systems Engineering and Management, with a master thesis entitled “Autonomy of internal transport systems and its impact on expenditures”. After having completed his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and discovering his passion for the field of transport, he was able to immerse himself deeply and focus specifically on transportation during his Masters studies. Ahmed has taken particular interest in traffic modelling in relation with autonomous solutions. Based on that, he joined UPC BarcelonaTech in January 2023 as a PhD candidate with a focused interest on microscopic modelling and management strategies of platooning for connected autonomous vehicles.


PhD Students

  • Foto carnet MarcelMarcel Sala.  Modeling present and future freeway management strategies: Variable speed limits, lane-changing and platooning of connected autonomous. 29 October 2019Ph.D. Program in Civil Engineering. Mark: Excellent with Cum Laude distinction. The thesis obtained the national (Spain) and international XV ABERTIS Prize in the category of Management of Transportation Infrastructures and Services. Bio: Before completing his PhD, Marcel obtained his MEng degree in Civil Engineering from UPC–BarcelonaTECH in 2014, just after the completion of his Master thesis entitled “Freeway Traffic Experiment – Empirical Traffic Data Under Dynamic Speed Limit Strategies”. Short thereafter he joined the Center for Innovation in Transport (CENIT) as a researcher. He is an expert in Matlab programming and currently he is working as a transportation engineering consultant.
  • Margarita Martínez. Highway travel time information systems: from traditional to cooperative driving environments. 19 December 2018. Ph.D. Program in Civil Engineering. International Mention. Universidade da Coruña. Codirected with Prof. Ignacio Pérez. Mark: Excellent with Cum Laude distinction. The thesis obtained the national (Spain) and international XVI ABERTIS Prize in Management of Transportation Infrastructures. Bio: Before enrolling in the PhD program in Civil Engineering, Margarita was working for 7 years in road design, construction and urbanization. From 2013 she decided to focus her activity on the university, where she currently combines teaching and research. She regularly visits the Fachhochschule Magdeburg-Stendal in Magdeburg (Germany), and in 2020 she visited the TU München hosted by prof. Constantinos Antoniou.

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