LOOK – This Shockwave simulation represents a traffic stream in a map of trajectories on the time-space plane and illustrates the concept of shock-waves and their role in the prediction of the queue propagation. Thanks for the animation Marcel.

LOOK – Could access control increase capacity? Rice and cars… what they have in common? Look at the rice experiment to illustrate the “capacity drop” in traffic and the effects of control. Thanks for the Video rice experiment Marcel.

I am Associate Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Technical University of Catalonia (Civil Engineering School, UPC-BarcelonaTech). I am member of the Barcelona Innovative Transportation – BIT research group.

My current research interests include traffic analysis and management, the improvement of urban mobility and the optimization of transportation operations. My talk at AIC Next 2014 perfectly illustrates my current research directions.

This site includes information about my research, teaching activities, publications, bio and some other facts.

An application form for prospective PhD students can be downloaded here.

These are my current research topics.

Here is a link to my abridged presentation.

Or you can download a copy of my full curriculum vitae.

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