Foto 2011I was born in Santa Margarida de Montbui (Barcelona) in 1978. I took my first years of elementary school at the Escola Montbou, a small rural school with just five classmates. For my secondary education I moved to Pere Vives Vich High School (Igualada). There I finished my basic education focusing on technology related courses. I qualified amongst the best records of the high school and received a grant for starting my Civil Engineering studies at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC–BarcelonaTech).

I completed my MEng degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2004, after a one semester stage at the University of Liverpool (UK), and an internship at CELSA steel company. During my last years as an undergraduate student I specialized in Transportation and Maritime Engineering by completing different courses related to those disciplines. During my final year I worked on my master thesis related to the optimization of operations at port container terminals, under the supervision of professors Francesc Robusté and Ramon Juanola. My master thesis received an honorable mention in the 1st Abertis award for the best research work in management of transportation infrastructures. From this work it derived my first SCI publication ever in the Transportation Research Record series. It remains as one of the publications I am more proud of.

While finishing my Civil Engineering studies, I started collaborating with the engineering consultancy Tècnica i Construcció de Catalunya in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. I worked for almost two years, under the management of CEOs Domingo Monserrat and Salvador Pou, in several engineering projects including road design and construction, design of water distribution networks, tanks and big irrigation pipes. During those two years I learned very valuable lessons about the civil engineering profession and I enjoyed an excellent working atmosphere due to the rest of my peers.

After this professional experience, in 2005 I moved back to Barcelona to continue with my studies in Transportation Engineering at UPC-BarcelonaTech, at a PhD level under Professor Francesc Robusté, who shaped decisively my research personality. I also had the opportunity to start collaborating with the Center for Innovation in Transport (CENIT), where I eventually reached the position of head of traffic research division (2008-2012). During this period of PhD studies I obtained postgraduate diplomas in Management of Port Operations, Public Works Management and Private Management of Infrastructures (2004-2006).

PhD Thesis

In 2010 I obtained my PhD degree with the thesis entitled “Highway Travel Time Estimation with Data Fusion”, obtaining the “Cum Laude” distinction. My PhD dissertation was awarded the VIII Abertis Research Prize in Management of Transportation Infrastructures and also received the UPC-BarcelonaTech award recognizing dissertations of outstanding quality.

Abertis Prize

My research interests were focused for a considerably amount of time on highway travel time estimation from multiple data sources, my PhD topic. From then on my interests have broadened to traffic analysis and management, improvement of urban mobility and optimization of transportation operations in general. Most of my research work has been published in prestigious journals in the field, such as Transportation Research Parts A, B and C, Transportmetrica and IEEE Transactions on ITS, among others. I have also presented my works in numerous international conferences, including uninterrupted participation at the TRB Annual Meeting since 2006. Some of my papers have been recognized for its outstanding quality,  including one citation in the TOP25 list of most downloaded papers in its category (Rank #11), obtaining the Young Researcher Award for the best paper presented by a researcher under 35 (Transport Engineering Conference – CIT 2012, Granada), or having been shortlisted for the International Transport Forum (OECD) Young Researcher of the Year Award 2014.

My research trajectory benefited from two visiting scholar appointments at the University of California at Berkeley (USA), hosted by Prof. Carlos Daganzo (2007) and Prof. Michael Cassidy (2012). I consider that these stages had a decisive contribution in the improvement of my teaching and researching skills. I had the opportunity of learning from the leading professors in my field and of being involved in a smart, dynamic and friendly community of professors, and PhD/MSc students. Between May and October 2015, I was appointed visiting researcher at TØI, the Institute of Transportation Economics – Norwegian Center for Transport Research in Oslo. I was hosted by Michael Sørensen in the Department of Safety, Security and Environment. I learnt a lot from the Norwegian way of working and living, which I admire.

Young Researcher Award CIT

Since 2016, I am an Associate Professor on the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering  (ECA) at the Barcelona Civil Engineering School, UPC–BarcelonaTech. Previously I was Assistant Professor between 2007-2016. I have implemented 3 new subjects that I currently coordinate and I have collaborated in the teaching of 14 different courses at Bachelor, Master and PhD levels, all of them related to transportation and traffic operations, urban mobility, transportation sustainability and logistics. I am mainly involved with the Barcelona Civil Engineering School, but I have also collaborated with the School of Mechanical Engineering and with the School of Nautical Engineering. Since 2016 I am the academic coordinator or the Master Program on Supply Chain, Transport and Mobility, UPC – BarcelonaTech. I have directed three PhD thesis, all of them graded as Excellent with Cum Laude distinction, and which have been awarded with several research prizes. I have also directed 38 Master theses, 90% graded above 9/10 and which have also received numerous distinctions. I was the Chairman of the Master Thesis Evaluation Committee (2008/9) in the Barcelona Civil Engineering School, I am member of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Advisory Board and of the Barcelona Civil Engineering School Advisory Board. I am also member of the Spanish “Transportation Infrastructures Forum” (FIT), an academic and professional society whose members are Ph.D. holders whose professional or research interests are focused on transportation. Finally I am the member 21.753 of the Spanish Civil Engineers Association.